miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015

I need to pass.

Hi everybody. I don't know why I'm writting this text in english, what I really know is that it can help me a lot, in my future, in my degree and in my life. When I was younger, I always thought that I was an excelent english student. I used to pass my exams with high qualifications and (althought I shoudn't say that) I used to be the first of my class, at least in english.
Finally, I choose to study Translation and Interpriting in the University of Vigo. I thought this degree would be easier for me than others. I was wrong again.
When I started my high studies, I was surprised with the high level of the students. I felt that all people had best level of languages than me. It was awful. I was stressed, I was sad and I thought I wasn't able to pass the first course.
Well, I'm now on the second course of my degree. If I pass Inglés IV I would get a c2 level in this level. Wow, I feel scared when I say that, Now, I can't imagine it.
What I only know is that I want to get this level, and I believe that I can. Maybe other years I woudn't think that, but this year is my year. This year has to be my year. Come what may, I know that I strived a lot, and that I spent a lot of my time on this, because I love this language. I promise it is worth it.

Maybe this text has errors, but I don't want to revise it. This is something that I am thinking right now, and I want you to get it just as it is.

Kisses a lot, Santi Laya